Viewpoint: Mine.

planet earth
earth core

I am often struck by the absurdity that all of this fuss and bother and these miracles of life are taking place on the fragile, thin crust of a molten planet. But that makes it no less real, and all the more precious.

A page for my collection of political, ecological, and sociological ravings. 

Putting down my thoughts seems to help me keep my tattered sanity. 

If my thoughts help you, good. If not, there are many others out there sharing, many with better minds and education than mine…

north vs south saying

North vs South

A friend of mine told me this old saying, that I think rings true and does not flatter either the North or the South. “In

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Racism and PTSD

Everyone seems to accept that a year or so of combat, or even one act of violence, can leave a person with life altering PTSD.

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twitler covid damage

Only the Most Visible…

Have not posted anything lately about the nightmare we are living through: a pandemic occurring under a mentally ill, anti-science, criminal administration.  But it occurred

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