Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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Permission Denied

Meanwhile, at the Bedford VA

On this perfect spring day I went to take my guy out for a spin and was met by a nurse with lots of attitude who informed me that I can no longer take him for walks on the trails near the VA, including to Fawn Lake.

She said if he has a medical emergency they won’t be able to reach him.

That the actual VA grounds are plenty large enough for me to walk him there.

My instant reaction was rage, but I swallowed it.

I understood their concern, but I really think the concern is not for my vet buddy, but for themselves. They are covering their asses, nothing more.

I know that they feed him, clean him, and deal with many difficult things.

But I also know that most often there are chat sessions between nurses and aides while the vets stare into space.

So I swallowed my anger and took him for a ride entirely on the grounds of the VA, which is not unpleasant. There are trees and lawn. But there is no woods and no lake.

VA wins. My guy loses.

This feeling is getting too familiar.