Jon Sachs

Stories Arise

Some stories bubble up from below, memories that surface at unexpected times without obvious reason.

Other stories wander in through the open window.

Here are stories I felt that needed a better home than just being tossed into the river of social media.

Each story has its image; some images are the genesis of the story; others are just icons to help give the story context.

I put each story into a box with a name, but some stories are not comfortable in any box.

Moments of Joy from often unexpected sources.

Glimpses of life gathered while visiting a friend at the VA hospital.

My ravings on topics political, ecological, sociological.

Memories from the small town where I grew up and went to school from nursery to 12th grade. Love it or not, it is part of me.

Memories from farm my family moved to when I was 4 years old, which experience has colored every aspect of my life since.