Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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The Split Rock

My guy is continuing to succumb to the paralysis brought on by his disease. He can still speak, but it’s more of an effort each month.

I was showing him the photo book I am working on all about Mary Cummings Park, where we met.

One of the photos is of a boulder that was somehow split in two.

I asked my guy if he remembered seeing the boulder. He wasn’t sure.

I then asked him if maybe I should glue it back together and his mouth crinkled up into a grin.

If somebody can smile life must be worth living.

One rule I have is to always talk to these people as grownups. There is a tendency by even very caring people to talk to the dementia patients using baby talk, both in terms of topics and voice.

I always talk to them as real people, in terms of topics and tone of voice. I just may not bring up messy politics.

I bring the same sense of humor that I use on other grownups and kids.

These people respond well to being treated with dignity, respect and humor. As we all do.