Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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Lost in COVIDland

There is a fellow who sits at the same table as my guy every day. They don’t seem to be aware of each each other, but both are quiet and they make a good match because of that.

The wife of my guy’s tablemate has been able to see him since the staff connects with her through a tablet device. She is able to get a smile of recognition from him, which is quite something.

My guy probably is not getting that kind of interaction. I am guessing that they get him up each day, dress him, feed him, and place him at the table in the dayroom.

I imagine him fading in and out of his fog, with lunch and dinner providing islands of activity.

If I had to guess, I would think that when the ban on visits is lifted, perhaps this summer, he will have drifted pretty far down into his ongoing daydreams. 

Maybe I will get to see him again, maybe not. Maybe he will be able to know me, maybe not. Maybe it matters, maybe not.