Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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Love These Numbers!

It was St. Paddy’s day and everyone at Bingo was wearing a green hat.

We sat across from a fellow who was so jovial and adorable that I couldn’t help thinking he was a leprechaun.

He kept up a constant narration as the games went along, but rather than finding it annoying I loved it. He was so sweet and happy and joyful about each moment that I couldn’t help smiling along.

“These are great cards, these ones. Look at all these numbers, love these numbers, all these numbers.

B14; don’t have that one, not that one, but let’s see, let’s see, got so many good numbers.

Okay, okay.

That number I have that number; I even have that on both cards! Both cards! Great numbers, love these cards.

Bingo? He has bingo? Good for him he has bingo! Maybe I will get a bingo. Love these numbers.

O-70 doesn’t light up? We know that, O-70 doesn’t light up. We all know that.

B54? I have. B54 is one of my good numbers; love these numbers.

Hey wait, I think maybe I have Bingo, lemme see, yes I have Bingo right here!