Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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Library Visits

Feeling bad, being away for a week and missing my guys.

Last Wednesday I took my guy to the VA library, where they are always glad to see him. This time he was particularly warmly greeted by a fellow Vietnam Vet from his same branch of the service.

He loves seaplanes and the librarian dug out a small pile of books with photos of seaplanes. We looked through them all and I read all the captions aloud.

When we got back my Jewish Vet buddy wanted a ride as well so I took him back to the library. We went through one of the photo books from World War II, full of Army photos of all phases of the war, both in Europe and the Pacific.

When I bring them back to the dayroom, it is always with mixed feelings. I am glad I get them away from endless hours of nothingness in the dayroom, but sad to bring them back there.