Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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My guy seems to be sinking a bit further. Still able to smile and laugh, but only when the situation really is funny, which is not frequent.

We went for our tunnel “walk” and he was warmly greeted again at the Library and the Activity Center.

Then we went to Building 4, where we usually find old friends. We did again he was greeted with great fuss and friendliness.

We chatted with a fellow at Building 4 who asked how old I thought he was. I said 82? He said he wished it were so. He is 96. I said I assumed he was a WWII vet and he said yes, he served in Africa and landed in Salerno for the invasion of Italy.

He was sharp as can be, remembering everything, and wanted to talk. But my guy was getting very anxious to get back, as his family was due to visit soon.

I felt bad pulling us away from the WWII Vet, and really wanted to hear more.

If you ponder visiting the VA, remember that there are people like this fellow there, friendly, outgoing, and who would love to talk.

The Dementia Ward is difficult to adjust to, but there are many Vets of all ages who are stuck at the VA for medical reasons, and who would love company.

Every VA has visitor and volunteer programs.

When I am with my guy – or any guy or gal at the VA – I never feel like I should be somewhere else doing something else.