Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

2 people

A Monday

Couldn’t go Sunday, so went Monday instead. The ward has many new patients and staff; the energy in the room was off. Normally it is at least peaceful, but these days it is a bit chaotic.

The only woman there, who has been unconscious for years had her eyes open for the first time, though I don’t know what she sees.

My guy is holding is own, and we have been going for short wheelchair rides to the garden outside, since it has been too hot to go far.

We sit in the deep shade of the maples and enjoy the cool breezes.

He notices a black squirrel and mentions it to me. We watch it for a while and notice a gray one farther away.

A hawk flies over and both squirrels run up the trees to hide.

After a while we go back inside.

I show him my latest photos and videos from the park where we first met and he asks to see more.


At some point it occurred to me that, as an investment, my time would be better spent with a young person who needs a big brother. Why not spend my time with a younger person in need instead of someone who is at the end of the journey?

My conclusion is that it makes total sense to spend time with a young person in need, and that I will not even consider abandoning my veteran buddy.

Whether I have time for both, that is another matter.