Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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You Promised a Midget!

To appreciate this, you need to understand about Marcia, my friend from community theater at Quannapowitt Players. Marcia is warm, outgoing, and wonderful, but she is also very tiny, always making jokes about how tiny she is.

Marcia asked me about coming along to meet some of the veterans and I said, yes, of course, please.

And I thought particularly of my Jewish vet friend, who had not been conscious for many visits, but recently has been with us more often.

So I figured a darling mini Jewish grandmother was just the thing for my rather short Jewish vet, so last time I saw him I told him about Marcia and that she was going to come to visit him.

Sunday came and our Jewish vet, wide awake, looked up at me and said, quite firmly, “You promised me a midget!”

I am sure I never used that word to describe Marcia…

And then Marcia appeared and I finally introduced the Jewish vet to the Jewish grandmother and there was an instant connection.

I went off to visit my guy, who was having a tough day and confined to bed.

Marcia spent time time with our Jewish vet, then visited her other buddies in the ward; all the vets that are able to comprehend that they have a visitor.

Marcia is tiny, but her heart is huge. Here’s to more Marcia.