Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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Take Me!

We had a sort of special occasion on Sunday. My friend Steve, who knows my vet buddy, went with me on the visit.

I gave Steve a little pre-visit orientation so he would be a bit prepared to see whole lot of people in advanced stages of dementia.

As soon as we walked in, my Jewish vet friend spotted me and I went over to talk with him with Steve talked to original vet buddy number one.

After a while I told my Jewish vet buddy that we were going to take our other vet buddy for a wheelchair ride in the tunnels. He said, “Take me!”

This never came up before this, so I started checking with all the various levels of nurses, up to the charge nurse. They all said yes.

So Steve wheeled our vet buddy #1 and I wheeled my Jewish vet buddy out into the long, white, shiny tunnels.

It being Sunday, the tunnels were deserted and my wheelchair guy was a little spooked by that.

But we took them to the bingo game in building 4, which is always bustling on Sundays. It was great for my Jewish vet buddy to get out of the dementia ward for the first time in possibly a year.

Eventually we wheeled them back and I talked basketball with my guy, who was a great hoopster in his day, while Steve talked with vet buddy #1.

Eventually we took our leave.

On Wednesday I went back and my guy was ready for another wheelchair adventure, but Jewish vet buddy was out cold.

I suppose if they are both wanting to go for a ride and I am alone I will take one first, then the other.

It’s good exercise, pushing a wheelchair, as the tunnels are not all level, so there are gentle hills to overcome.