Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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My buddy and I had many adventures before he was confined to the Dementia Ward at the VA.

We drove to Maine, we invaded hardware stores, hobby shops, and restaurants.

But when I first visited him in the dementia ward, I needed to share in order to keep going.

I spoke at his funeral in the fall of 2020.

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Why the Posts

I go there and visit my guys. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse. I suspect some viewers are not really comfortable with my writing about

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At the VA today. I bring my friend to lunchroom where one guy, alone, is talking at length. An aide joins the lone talker and

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abstract man


Just came back from weekly visit to VA in Bedford MA, the dementia unit. What stays in my mind is the fellow at the next

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Couple of things. If you are in a ward like this, a little bit of attention from a visitor can bring you to the attention

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My guy is stronger today. I brought him fresh berries. He asked for whipped cream to go with the berries. Some dementia patients are very

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marty robbins

How It Ends

I got the OK to take my guy outside in a wheelchair. He liked the sun, fresh air, birds singing. He loves country and bluegrass

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No Way To Tell It

Last week I didn’t share anything from VA dementia ward. There was no way to tell it without violating people’s privacy. This week my old

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Three Men

My guy a little stronger, knew I was there and smiled before he slid back into the fog. Behind him is a table of three

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So It Goes

My guy was in pretty good shape; we had a nice chat about trips we’ve taken and projects we worked on together. But when I

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No Perfect Way

My guy requested Doyle Lawson bluegrass so I got an exquisite gospel album from iTunes and we listened together to my phone while going through

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rain on window


A visit on a Thursday at VA dementia ward, since we will be away this weekend. My guy is hanging in there, sang along with

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Suffolk Downs

Suffolk Downs

Brought a friend with me this visit. We were talking to the Jewish vet about Boston sports. We can’t remember the name of that East

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One day I was watching an aide stroking the hand of the one woman resident, who I have never seen to be conscious. But the

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Fawn Lake

My vet is in a wheelchair for the first time in a long time, rather than bedridden. It is a perfect late summer day and

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angry abstract


This was not a good visit. For the first time, my guy was difficult, demanding, and angry with me. Over time, I have brought him

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fall leaves

Great Lungs

My guy was in a good mood when I got there and we had a real conversation. Then he spotted a mother and daughter and

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dirt road


Went to see my guy yesterday when it was warm and sunny. He was in good form, so we wheeled out for a long walk,

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No Rain, Rain

It was so warm last Friday, spooky in November, that I decided to play hookey and take a walk. It occurred to me that my

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You Promised a Midget!

To appreciate this, you need to understand about Marcia, my friend from community theater at Quannapowitt Players. Marcia is warm, outgoing, and wonderful, but she

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man and wheelchair man

Another Warm Day

These unexpected warm days have allowed me to take my guy for long, long wheelchair excursions on the rail trail behind the VA. First thing,

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wheel chair in tunnel

Tunnel Trips

Now that winter is really here, our outdoor adventures on the rail trail are on hold. But we discovered that every building at the VA

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shadows of men

New Years Day

Just as we were setting out for a trip around the basement tunnels, some visitor from his church, so I left them to be together.

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basement tunnel with windows


My guy seems to be sinking a bit further. Still able to smile and laugh, but only when the situation really is funny, which is

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stained wall


As I arrive, my guy is about to be wheeled off to a dentist appointment. I offer to take him and the aide says yes,

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Rainy Wednesday

A rainy Wednesday at the VA Dementia Ward After a good visit Sunday, both of my guys were in worse shape today: each was barely

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