Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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Sunday Was Difficult

Sunday was difficult. My guy was sick in bed so no exploring the basement tunnels for us.

At one point he asked out loud why he doesn’t just die and get it over with.

I suggested that spring will come; we will go outside and feel the warm sun and hear the birds sing. He agreed, without enthusiasm.

The Jewish vet was out cold, unreachable.

Wednesday was better. I took my guy to see about his new glasses and hearing aid. Turns out he already got both devices a few days ago, but didn’t know what became of them. He can’t put on the glasses or insert the hearing aids and the staff doesn’t really want to deal with it, so they are already stuck in a draw somewhere.

I retrieved his glasses and put them on. He could see better and we looked at photos on the phone. No idea what will happen with the hearing aids.

There a section of the basement wall where water seeped in and the stain is being patched. Every time we pass this stain I see a soldier in it, tired, and marching along.

A good scene reveals itself on Wednesday. The Jewish vet was wide awake holding court with a group of visitors.