Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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A Day in May

Finally, it was warm enough to take my guy outside today. Too warm, to be honest.

There is a paved path on the edge of the woods and we went along that path for most of an hour.

In general, the plants have not woken up to spring yet, but you can see the purple flowers on both sides of the path in the photo.

My guy is still struggling with his condition, but even a small smile speaks out loud, and I got one today.

My other guy, the Jewish vet, was fine when I got there and I promised him an outdoor trip as well, but he was not awake when we got back to the ward. Sunday, three generations of his family came to visit him, but he wasn’t awake; never knew they were there.

Next visit, if he is awake, I will take him outdoors right away, then my regular guy afterwards, as he is almost always awake.