Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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My buddy and I had many adventures before he was confined to the Dementia Ward at the VA.

We drove to Maine, we invaded hardware stores, hobby shops, and restaurants.

But when I first visited him in the dementia ward, I needed to share in order to keep going.

I spoke at his funeral in the fall of 2020.

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With Music

Before visiting my guy, today, I engaged in very nasty and dumb fight with one of my oldest and dearest friends, a guy I love

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lights in a hallway

Morty Passes

My 2nd buddy, the Jewish vet, has passed away. It’s hard to fathom that just a few years back we chatted with him about Boston

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A Green Bug

I need to clear up a bit of confusion that I caused. Morty, the vet who passed away was not the fellow I have been

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The Hawk

Have not posted recently since the visits usually follow the same pattern: we sit under the tree canopy in the courtyard and sit, talk, or

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Another splendid session under the trees listening to our most beloved gospel album by Doyle Lawson (Sing Me a Song About Jesus). Gentle soft breezes,

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doyle lawson on iphone

Doyle’s Video A few weeks ago I posted about yet another session with my vet where we sang along with Doyle Lawson’s gospel songs. I proofread

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people in Israel

From Israel

Here I am in Israel which brings to mind a conversation I had with my veteran buddy a while back. We were sitting under the

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stone wall

Can’t Talk

On a visit a few weeks ago, my guy was sleeping when I arrived, which he often is. But this time when I woke him

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dim hallway

Inflection Point

Today was an inflection point. My guy was unable to speak at all. On Wednesday he was also quiet, but eventually sang along to the

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My guy has shown a few sparks these last visits, after being nearly silent for a time. A few visits back he was looking intently

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cracked concrete

Veterans Day

On this Veteran’s Day I reflect on my visit to the Dementia Ward yesterday. Have not written for a while because there was nothing new

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plant in the snow

Walking Away

When you enter the floor of the dementia ward through the locked and passworded door, there is another further locked door to the right. That

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just a a shadow former self

Corona Eclipse

Last visit with my guy was the same and different. At the door, I could not just enter using the posted combination. Now all visitors

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abstract bubbles


It turns out that his family’s interpretation of my guy’s wishes may have been wrong. And my interpretation of their wishes was also wrong. I

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Dolly Cue

I am now down to one visit a week, for just half an hour. I am looking for real signs from my guy as to whether

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tree and sky


Actually, I have no idea what is going on there. Not only is the ward closed to the general public, even family can not visit

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Dave Cummings

The Passing

Word came down this week that My Guy finally passed away. He lost his battle with Parkinson’s Disease at only 74. I have not been

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