Meanwhile at the VA Dementia Ward

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My buddy and I had many adventures before he was confined to the Dementia Ward at the VA.

We drove to Maine, we invaded hardware stores, hobby shops, and restaurants.

But when I first visited him in the dementia ward, I needed to share in order to keep going.

I spoke at his funeral in the fall of 2020.

The posts are in chronological order below, starting from the first ones. The menu lists the posts alphabetically. 

Below each post is a back-next set of arrows that work chronologically.

window and paint

Take Me!

We had a sort of special occasion on Sunday. My friend Steve, who knows my vet buddy, went with me on the visit. I gave

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wall repair

Easter Bingo

On Easter Sunday I took my guy out for a tunnel trip and we found that Bingo does goes ahead on Easter. He was never

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peeling paint face image

Library Visits

Feeling bad, being away for a week and missing my guys. Last Wednesday I took my guy to the VA library, where they are always

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pathway in May

A Day in May

Finally, it was warm enough to take my guy outside today. Too warm, to be honest. There is a paved path on the edge of

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open birdhouse


Warning: This post starts out nice and light and then descends into a virulent political diatribe. You were warned. My guy has been greeting me

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wall abstract

Play Bingo?

This Sunday’s adventures actually allowed some light to penetrate my pervasive black cloud. It was about 50 degrees outside, and damp, so an inside trip

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wheel chair lakeside


(This is from last Thursday’s visit and today’s.) When I got there my two guys were side by side in their wheelchairs; my Jewish vet

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weeds and wildflowers


Since I am no longer allowed to take my guy for our long wheelchair rides on the rail trail or the paved forest trail, we

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doyle lawson

July 4th

I have not posted recently about my visits. Sometimes there is nothing remarkable or poignant to offer. You just go there and spend time with

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horses in autumn


It was raining today, so instead of taking my guy out for a walk (a wheelchair roll) I brought a book of my photos and

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two men abstract

A Monday

Couldn’t go Sunday, so went Monday instead. The ward has many new patients and staff; the energy in the room was off. Normally it is

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tiny horse and wheelchair

Tiny Horse

If you want to get a smile from a veteran confined to a wheelchair, try bringing a miniature horse to visit. Some lovely folks brought

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split rock

The Split Rock

My guy is continuing to succumb to the paralysis brought on by his disease. He can still speak, but it’s more of an effort each

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tunnel walker

Indoors Again

Now that it’s cold, our adventures are indoors again. We roll down the long, gleaming white corridors in search of old friends, the Sunday bingo

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light in curved tunnel

Dirty Dishes

Something a bit lighter for today. My guy has a tendency towards repeating things. So we put that to work for us. Picturing us rolling

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tunnel from outside

What Will Be

I noticed that the sparkling white tunnels we wander through look very different from outside, rather dark and foreboding. Another point of view, I suppose.

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curved tunnels

Bingo and Battlefields

Things have been rather stable. My guy is about the same, still accepting his situation in a noble, dignified, stoic fashion. Can’t feed himself, can

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swamp view

Three Layers This is a 3 layered situation, that I will attempt to unravel and convey in some fashion. First, the mood I was in to

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hallway with light

Winning Bingo

I am not big on omens, but the wind rattled some dead leaves into the building with me today and it caught my attention. You

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winter weeds

Weekday Bingo

We wandered into a special weekday bingo game today. For some reason, the mood was much more jovial than the “official” Sunday game. It was

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Window and wall

Angry Bingo

Went to Bingo again. Found a spot near a white haired fellow who was having a difficult time keeping up with the numbers. The nurse

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Crushed Stone

Ha. What? Ha. What is it? Haaalf. Half what? Half inch. Half inch? Half inch die… Half inch die? Half inch diameter. I see, half

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distressed wall

Stand By Your Man

Would you rather go play bingo or watch videos? Videos. Soon we are sifting through the vast world of YouTube videos, looking for great live

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