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Getting There Late

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Jon and Puppy by Frank Siteman

Puppy Luv

First off, this doesn’t quite belong in the Moments of Joy segment of this website. Because it was not a moment. It was an entire

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siamese cat

The End of the Cat

I am not exactly a cat person: I love dogs and cats equally. But this is a story about a particularly deep relationship I had

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The End of the Dog

The details are still vivid but the dates are blurred in my memory. We had a sweet, apologetic dog name Bonnie, a collie who was

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winter tree

Winter Tree

https://vimeo.com/506267793 When there is a gentle snow, without wind, the trees get frosted and I took my little drone out and flew it up the

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green hay

Green Hay

While I have not posted any Moments of Joy for quite a while, that does not mean there weren’t any. Just that other kinds of

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An Errant Raccoon

So it’s the eve of Christmas Eve, and here comes the memory. Until now I have not written about my father’s untimely and horrid death

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Dave Cummings

The Passing

Word came down this week that My Guy finally passed away. He lost his battle with Parkinson’s Disease at only 74. I have not been

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fall leaves

Autumn, Pure and Simple

There are few subjects more over-photographed than leaves in fall. Nevertheless, when I come upon two leaves as anxious as these maples to have their

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Fall Leaf and Snow

Foliage and Snow

The magic of snow with fall colors is a guaranteed delight. Here is a group from the Burlington, Massachusetts Common. This is across the street

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walk in autumn

Autumn Ramble

Saturday was warm. We walked along a rail rail for miles. A day with the colors and smells of Autumn is grounds for many Moments

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big oak leaf

A Very Big Oak Leaf

Right near my house is a little oak sapling, barely six feet tall. And growing on this little tree was the largest oak leaf I

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magenta and green leaves

Magenta vs Green

Two points of view on autumn. The magenta leaves, which I learned are winged euonymus, an asian shrub that is now common here. The green

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virginia creeper berries

Benign Blue and Red

After last night’s nightmare presidential debate more Joy is needed. Here is one of my all-time favorite treats that nature provides: deep blue berries of

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