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sculpture painting

Painted Afternoon

Sitting under a tree painting the blank white parts of my latest sculpture with whichever pattern comes to be. It is sunny with gentle breezes,

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house wren babies

Sibling Intensity

Ok, so they are not bluebirds or anything exotic.  They are baby house sparrows. Their nests are nothing but crude piles of sticks. Wikipedia says

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I photographed a number of college graduation events this week and this is an abstracted image from one of them. Graduation is a big deal,

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umbria 360

Umbria Spring 360

Fly the little drone on a hilltop in Umbria, Italy. Let it take in a 360 view of the countryside. It was only desperation for

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The King of the Kids

I went to school in Mahopac from Kindergarden through 12th grade. And from the first days I showed up in school it was clear who

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bluebird in tree

Moment of Joy, Delayed

I was waiting around near the bird house where, after five years of no-show, a pair of bluebirds are making a home for their babies.

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spring tree flower

Not a Miracle?

I suppose if it happens every year it can’t be counted as a miracle, and yet finding a flower on a tree that has looked

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Doctors Bag

The Good Doctor

Having woken up with a scratchy throat today I was reminded of the many nasty sore throats I had as a kid in the fifties.

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A Seagull Can Fly

Walking along a seawall there is a nervous and clumsy seagull ahead of me. It is waddling along, glancing back at me.  And then, deciding

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Carrot Shopping

Once again, a routine visit to the supermarket becomes a little voyage of scenes and scenarios. On the way in, a mother has placer her

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snow porch

Snow Porch

It snowed on my porch, except under the railing and near the door where the roof over hangs. Later it rained and this was all

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