Rock Meadow

This was a slideshow I made about Rock Meadow, a lovely bit of meadow, woods, and wetlands in Belmont, Massachusetts. For years, when living in Brookline, I would go to Rock Meadow nearly every weekend and photograph all the little ecosystems and the tiny details in all seasons.

The show won some sort of award somewhere and was much appreciated by the folks who worked to save Rock Meadow from development.

Since this show really depended on the quality of the images this VHS transfer is really pretty sad, but better, perhaps, than nothing.

At that time I was having fun with a thing called the Sound Canvas that would generate a wide range of musical sounds when hooked to a digital keyboard. So I played many versions of the old song Shady Grove with various instruments to create this soundtrack. Which I still kind of enjoy.

Theoretically, I could recreate the show, in high resolution, using the original slides which I still have. In fact, that is now on my to-do list at #397, just below organizing my downstairs closet.