Supermarket Joy #33

For some reason it’s often the supermarket where I observe people experiencing moments of joy and where they transmit joy to me.

Today, which is April Fool’s Day was such a day. This morning it occurred to me to place a Facebook post saying “All is right with the world, everywhere. April Fools.”

But I decided not to and went shopping instead where I observed four Moments of Joy:

One was a little girl following her mother but also dancing her way along.

Another was a mother at checkout, holding her little boy in her arms and looking at him with complete and utter love. A big, radiant smile. A lucky kid, for sure.

Moment of Joy number three was the checkout woman. She didn’t greet me; she just started checking out my items, including many cans of cat food. She was gently swaying and rocking to the bland music playing and at one point, between items, she clapped her hands softly right with the music, and her quiet smile deepened for a moment. She was clearly checking out my groceries, but she was also somewhere else, perhaps dancing in a field of flowers.

Moment Four was another little girl, dancing her way into the store behind her mother.

By no means is all right with the world, but thankfully there are still some Moments of Joy.