Reflections was a three projector slide show I created while on a break from running my biz, The Slide Center in 1992.

I was taking multiple photos of various water reflections with the specific intent of animating them with slide projectors, which at that time was a minor art form called Multi-Image.

I was working with my friend Melinda Bruno, who suggested the cool quote by Thoreau that opens the show. Melinda was a classy lady, too classy for me, I think. But I would love to say hello if anybody knows her whereabouts.

This show did win a local award at festival, but then, there were a bunch of friends of mine on the judging panel.

And my current girlfriend tells me that her photography teacher used to denigrate anyone who wanted to waste their time shooting water reflections rather than serious photography. So it goes.

Bill Wangerin, at The Stable, created the soundtrack from a series of very sweet license music tracks. And I think… they were all only available on vinyl.