The regular school lunch portion of ravioli was 3 squares. For an extra cost you could get a “jumbo” portion, which was two extra squares.

And many days after school I would go home and immediately eat an entire can of Chef Boyardee ravioli, with probably about 20 squares.

It’s not like any of us were going hungry, and another .15 for the jumbo portion was not robbery. But that memory of 3 chunks with 2 more for jumbo stays with me.

I saw a can of Chef Boyardee at the store the other day and bought it. Have not had a can of ravioli since 1967, I don’t think. 

Back then we didn’t have a microwave, so I must have heated it on the stovetop.

This time I microwaved it and dumped about 3 pounds of grated romano cheese on it. It was ok, but not as thrilling as getting that same whole can after a school lunch of just 5 pieces.