My NFL Career

One day in high school gym class, a group of coaches had us try to kick field goals.

I think they were looking for a kicker for the actual football team.

I had never kicked a football from a tee before and never at a real goalpost. But when my turn came I drilled the ball right between the posts about 3 feet over the bar.

All the coaches paid attention and watched me take a 2nd try.

The second kick was the same:  perfect. All the coaches were now watching very closely,

I set up for my 3rd kick… and missed outside the post to the left.

All the coaches turned away and went on to other things.

Of course, we all know that had I made that 3rd kick they would have made me school kicker, at which I would have excelled, and that would have let to an top college football scholarship and then to an all star NFL career.

If only I had made that 3rd kick.

3 Responses

  1. Probably…..but then what would hav happened? You would have started hanging around with the knucklehead football players and let your grades slide and opted out of college and peaked at 17. So, it’s all good!! 😉

    (and for all your knucklehead football players out there, I’m kidding so don’t attack me)

  2. Possibility 2 is some 285lb 15 year old lineman who hadn’t been listening when they explained the rule about roughing the kicker crushes you and you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.

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