Feline Feng Shui

At the risk of offending again the anti-cat and anti-pet followers of this journal (and I know you are out there) here is another cat photo that gave me a Moment of Joy.

This morning Daisy and Sophie arranged themselves in  perfect matching poses at the corners of my bed.

Now, I really deeply love dogs at least as much as cats, but does anybody think that two dogs could pull off this kind of thing?

I notice that on the various Zoom meetings I attend, whenever a dog or cat shows up it takes everyones attention and becomes the focus of the session, for at least a few moments. 

At a recent meeting someone (not me) requested another appearance by the family animal.

All the other critters are not human, but are members of a larger group that we desperately need to stay connected to: the living creatures of our planet. Our heritage and our fate is deeply connected to theirs.