Such Is Life

This might not strike you as a likely setting for a Moment of Joy, but it sent me into orbit for a good half hour.

I was rushing to get the bus to Logan Airport from Woburn. I ran to the window and bought round trip tickets and then scrambled for the bus.

The driver, a quiet, resigned looking fellow, asked for the tickets. 

I looked at the three bits of paper that the cashier had just handed me, chose one and handed it to him.

He looked at it and said, “That’s not a ticket; that’s the receipt.”

I said, “I had two chances out of three to pick a ticket and lost.”

He said, “Such is life. Then you die.”

As I warned, it doesn’t sound like the stimulus for a moment of joy, but this unexpected dose of philosophy struck a chord in me and I giggled all the way to Logan.