American Toad Concert

This toad, which I falsely accused of being a frog, was the best toad I ever met. It sang for us, posed for us, and turned profile without being asked. We happened upon in in a puddle made by a tractor tire in a field in Lincoln. Twas a great moment of contact with nature that we are very happy to share.

You can see it winding up and getting ready to sing, with the nostrils pulsing.

4 Responses

  1. What a great video of one happy toad. Thank you for sharing. We all can learn so much from nature when we take the time to breathe and take it all in. Jon, no doubt you are an expert at this. Stay safe and well. Checked in with the Bedford VA today and all of the guys in Arcadia are doing well. Had my Skype with Rocky today – it really does help.

  2. Loved this. I’m a friend of Carol’s and saw Rocky and David whenever I visited Carol before this terrible virus. Carol and I have been friends for 45 years. I actually met you once when you were visiting David. I know you are a blessing to him. Yes be nice! The world needs it. 🙏

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