Here is a photo of goslings following a parent taken by the wonderful photographer Peter. J. Baumgartner.  (Go see his work!)

I saw this image on Facebook and asked him for permission to use it.

Because there is something about about the sight of a flock of fuzzy ducklings or goslings or other babies following their mother always touches me deeply.

I am aware that for many, this sort of image has been overused, overshared, overseen. But for me, I never get blasé about this.

To me, this is one particularly lovely example of the miracle of life.

These baby birds, that grew from a single cell into cute fuzzballs, know who is momma, and that they must follow her.

I am not even faintly a believer in any religion and I don’t think this sort of miracle was created by a single supreme being.

I think it is the result of a chain of evolution that is so astoundingly complex that it defies imagination.

Life is a miracle.

That you and I also come from a single cell into people who can walk and talk and dance to Chuck Berry is a miracle not to be taken lightly.

And I never, ever, take goslings following momma lightly, either.