Still Life With Cat + Book

Don’t get me wrong; I love dogs and cats equally. But no dog that ever existed would be capable of placing itself perfectly on this book, each morning. 

There are delicate Moments of Joy that only cats can bring. Dogs have others (see animated image below).

Various disclaimers needed.

To my photography buddies, if you just can’t handle yet another cat photo… too bad. Moments of Joy are too precious to squander.

And if the over-processed Photoshop look bothers you, take it from me: the iPhone grab shot in original form is quite sad.

And lastly, I wish to confess that neither the cat nor I have read the book, which is Hamilton by Ron Chernow, a great book, from what I hear.

But at least Daisy the Cat has made the book part of her life.

I assume you have heard of cat-sitting?

And here is your dog-joy, an animated GIF that came my way. I try to watch it every single day.

dog goes into water
Dogs have have a level of joy and enthusiasm that cats don't know about.