Green Hay

While I have not posted any Moments of Joy for quite a while, that does not mean there weren’t any. Just that other kinds of moments tended to overwhelm those more fragile sorts.

A few days ago I went to buy birdseed at a large, local, hardware store that carries a fair amount of farm feeds.

One thing they have is a stack of green bales of hay. I went up and put my masked nose right into that hay and took a big sniff. 

The smell of green hay is a bit like new-mown grass, but maybe even sweeter. I was intoxicated.

That mid-winter sniff of fresh green hay gave me more than a Moment of Joy: I thought about buying one just to have in the house. (Bugs?)

I have been tempted to drive all the way back just to take another sniff.

If you are in reach of a place that sells green hay… go take a sniff. If you are near me, you can go to O’Conner’s Hardware in Billerica

You can also buy nuts, bolts, lumber, a pocket knife, and about 12,000 other great things. But if you go, make sure you sniff out the green bales of hay, way in the back.