Thoughts on Racism • 2020

Here are two videos I made to air my thoughts about racism in our country in 2020. The comments section below is open for input. 

And below my two videos is the one by Justin Smith that caused me to think and sit down and create my own videos.

Here is the video by Justin Smith that touched me so deeply and made me want to make one of my own…

You can share Justin’s video. Please share Justin’s video.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Jon,
    Unfortunately, I have to agree on most if not all you exposed in the two videos you posted today.
    Like you, I believe that this division between not only the blacks but other people of color will continue to take place.
    Thank you for your views and I appreciate you taking the time to let us all reflect on the circumstances we all find us in today, tomorrow and the not only near but distant future.



  2. I appreciate you putting these videos out here, Jon. Not easy questions.
    I, too, believe (universal) national service, especially with non-military options, could be a promising route to go. There is nothing like being proximate, having actual human interaction with “others” for melting the mindset of “other-ness” and defusing fear of “the other” as an unknown.
    I do have hope in this moment. Mother Nature has stepped up (and sent us all to our rooms to think about we have done) and exposed all of as sharing the same mortal condition of being human. A generation of digital natives are not necessarily bound in the same ways by physical barriers. The demonstrations today appear far more diverse and integrated than those of the sixties.
    It’s not going to be easy and may likely get way worse before better yet our young people (and some of us old farts, too) give me hope.

  3. I shared Justin’s video. Thanks for it and for your thoughts. I don’t know the answers, although I think your idea of national service could be helpful. But this is such a complex problem that I think more is necessary. I just can’t fathom what all the more is.

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