metal box

Watching Paint Dry

At my local Benjamin Moore paint store asking for help to paint 48 aluminum boxes with a different color on each side for my newest interactive sculpture.

People will be able to move each box up and down and also rotate them. With different colors on each side of the boxes it should be big-time fun playing this sculpture.

But I need paint that will stand up to lots of touching and turning.

So the guy at the store is very interested and talks about one paint that he thinks is perfect.

He even opens a can of the paint so we can test how it covers on my aluminum box.

We talk about the various colors I will need as the black test paint is drying.’

And then he looks at it and says, “Look! It’s drying already!”

Then he says, “I never thought I would get excited about watching paint dry, until I worked in a paint store.”

I felt that this needed to be shared. Hope you agree.