Shopping List

Not that kind of shopping list.

I made a list when I got back to my car after shopping today. A list of the things that I found so charming at the market this morning that I needed to save them.

  1. The cart collection guy was singing out loud as I walked by. He seemed a bit embarrassed but I told him to continue, that it was great, and he smiled and continued to sing.
  2. There was a little dark-eyed girl sitting in her mother’s cart, not in the kid seat, but right in the basket, like a grocery. I always find that appealing and want to ask “In which aisle do you find the adorable kids”? But this little girl looked out at the store with such a deep sense of calm that it resonated with something very calm deep inside me.
  3. In the bread section they had sliced my favorite bread the other way, the long way. I was very taken by this concept but not ready to try something that radical. 
  4. A woman in the pet aisle reached up and squeezed a dog toy which let out a duck-like honk. She pondered the honk toy and then noticed me appreciating her honk-pondering and we smiled at each other.
  5. When I was putting my cart in the cart corral a woman was trying to maneuver two carts at once to the same corral, so I took one from her and rolled it into place. About then her husband, 30 paces back at the car yelled out something very loud and urgent. Was he upset that I had impinged on his wife’s cart corralling? No, he realized that his cane was still hanging on the cart she was sending into the corral and he was left stranded at the car without it.

The list starts and ends with shopping cart related items. Full disclosure: I did once write a song and made a video for it called Shopping List.