dog waits at trail split

The Book About Walter

When my beloved dog Walter passed away I decided to make a book from the very many photos I had taken of him. (12 years of Walter calendars.)

But this was my favorite image: Walter waiting where the trail forked, to confer with me about which trail to take, left or right.

To me, this was a perfect summation of Walter’s remarkable thoughtfulness.

I never got another dog after Walter because I couldn’t.

And I never did the WalterBook, but it seems like a thing I want to do and can do and…

…Now I remember: Walter passed through my life when photography went from film to digital. I have a few thousand 35mm slides of him, along some 6×7 medium format images, and digital images from every sort of digital camera from the earliest days.

I need to go through all of my 100,000 slides and sort them, and dig through stacks of hard drives, in order to gather all of my Walter photos.

And that is a lot to take on.

And Walter has now been gone longer than he was here.