Door Cat

door cat

Everybody said no. Don’t put in a full length glass front door.  You’ll lose privacy. You’ll lose heat. But I did it anyway. For one thing, I wanted a lot more light coming in and plan to put a big plant there. But the real reason is shown here. I thought there was a good […]

Dog Joy

good dog

So here I am walking along to get something from my car and coming the other way is a woman with a dog on a leash.  And the dog just radiates bouncy friendliness. So I kneel as they pass to say hello. The dog never breaks stride walking behind it’s human, but turns my way […]

Dancing Leaves

dancing leaves

There are so many ways that autumn leaves entertain us. I came upon this pair, dancing together on the yellow line of a parking lot. I am not sure of the music they were dancing to, but something very romantic, I suspect.

Beach Moon Rock

rock on beach with moon shape

Walking on the shore of Lake Erie the other day I spotted a stone where the moisture had created a moon shape. While I was getting in position to take a photo a rain drop fell and created a eye in the moon. A moment of joy for me…

Puppy Luv

Jon and Puppy by Frank Siteman

First off, this doesn’t quite belong in the Moments of Joy segment of this website. Because it was not a moment. It was an entire hour of Frank Siteman’s new puppy sleeping in my lap while I stroked her. So it was either a long chain of Moments of Joy, or perhaps an Hour of […]

Winter Tree

winter tree When there is a gentle snow, without wind, the trees get frosted and I took my little drone out and flew it up the side of the tree outside my house… definitely a Winter Moment of Joy.

Green Hay

green hay

While I have not posted any Moments of Joy for quite a while, that does not mean there weren’t any. Just that other kinds of moments tended to overwhelm those more fragile sorts. A few days ago I went to buy birdseed at a large, local, hardware store that carries a fair amount of farm […]

Autumn, Pure and Simple

fall leaves

There are few subjects more over-photographed than leaves in fall. Nevertheless, when I come upon two leaves as anxious as these maples to have their photo taken,  I can not say no. I thought that the setting sun resonates with the sense of ending that autumn brings and that may help elevate the image above […]

Still Life With Cat + Book

cat book

Don’t get me wrong; I love dogs and cats equally. But no dog that ever existed would be capable of placing itself perfectly on this book, each morning.  There are delicate Moments of Joy that only cats can bring. Dogs have others (see animated image below). Various disclaimers needed. To my photography buddies, if you […]

Foliage and Snow

Fall Leaf and Snow

The magic of snow with fall colors is a guaranteed delight. Here is a group from the Burlington, Massachusetts Common. This is across the street from where I took a sister group of photos of snow on our Sculpture Park and not far from Mary Cummings Park where I took some sunny day-after photos. A […]