2 Is An Odd Number


Clearly, something is amiss here. We have some sort of misunderstanding.  The number 2 is an even number, not an odd number. But 2 is a prime number, and is the only even prime. Which makes it a very odd number. Apologies if I have wasted your time, but surely the only even prime number […]


open birdhouse

Warning: This post starts out nice and light and then descends into a virulent political diatribe. You were warned. My guy has been greeting me for the last month with the same question: “Birdhouse – birdhouse – birdhouse?” This is a reference to eight birdhouses we recently placed in the park where he and first […]

Why the Posts

abstract man wall

I go there and visit my guys. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse. I suspect some viewers are not really comfortable with my writing about these visits in that it feels like I am bragging or showing off how “good” I am. And I am not fully comfortable with it, either. But I am slightly […]