Lake Erie After the Blizzard

Lake Erie shore with snow

The massive Christmas blizzard in the Buffalo area in December melted away almost entirely within a few days when it warmed up and it rained.  But on the shore of Lake Erie the snow had piled deeper than anywhere and three weeks later it has formed a sort of mini glacier on the beach. The […]

Snow Porch

snow porch

It snowed on my porch, except under the railing and near the door where the roof over hangs. Later it rained and this was all washed away.

Precarious Leaves


When I came back they had fallen through or blown away, so I am glad I caught them.

Ice Branches

ice bubbles

Thank you, Mother Nature, for yet another Glimpse of something sweet, ice bubbles blooming from branches on a warm New Years Day.

Holiday Ends

snowy driveway

The holiday gathering ends and everyone leaves. You can see that they left. It is written on the driveway.

Another Jew, Actually

bacon and eggs

Here is an odd little story from about 40 years ago… that came to mind recently. It seems more relevant now than it was then, and I present it in the middle of the Christmas-Hannukah muddle. After camping alone in New Hampshire on a long weekend, I stopped for lunch on the way home.  It […]

New Window!

window light

I had new windows put in and assumed that the new large-pane windows would not give me the nifty results the old 6-pane windows gave. Pleasantly surprised to see a different sort of window-screen dance going on. So I can continue to take endless portraits of my window.  Small victory.

Sky Leaf

sky leaf

It was actually a Mercedes Benz whose hood was hosting the leaf, the droplets, and the reflection of the clouds. I just wandered past it.

Yellow In December

yellow tree

Climate change? Perhaps. But I don’t recall ever seeing a maple tree reaching December with leaves still in place, let alone yellow foliage. Wouldn’t it be nice if nice things like this were the only outcome of climate change – which we used to call global warming, before we found out that label annoyed the […]

That Window Again

window and sun

I do photograph this window and blind quite often. Whenever it presents me with something interesting. This glimpse is an actual glimpse.