A Good Fall

basement stairs

Yesterday, going down the stairs to my basement, I fell. My shoes were wet and slippery and my feet went out from under me. I hit the stairs pretty hard, on my back. My first thought was… this is the beginning of the end: broken pelvis, long hospital stay, declining health in all aspects. But […]

Dove’s Wisdom


I have a bird feeder outside my office window so I, and Daisy the cat, can watch the birds from close up. I only feed them in the colder seasons because in summer the crowds of summer birds will empty the feeder in an hour. So the rule is that I start the feeding up […]



I photographed a number of college graduation events this week and this is an abstracted image from one of them. Graduation is a big deal, a distinct dividing point between phases of life. For me, it always came with mixed feelings: a feeling of accomplishment but more of uncertainty about what comes next. College is […]

The Commitment of World War II

Allied Landing on Sicily

There is a museum in Catania, Sicily, about the Allied invasion of Italy, which began in Sicily. The museum is quite remarkable, including a bomb shelter where you sit and listen to sound of bombs dropping while the room shakes. There are endless exhibits about all aspects of that invasion, including guns of all sizes, […]

A Seagull Can Fly


Walking along a seawall there is a nervous and clumsy seagull ahead of me. It is waddling along, glancing back at me.  And then, deciding What The Heck, it just steps off the wall, opens its wings and soars into the wind over the sea. It is transformed from an awkward earthling to a graceful […]

Carrot Shopping


Once again, a routine visit to the supermarket becomes a little voyage of scenes and scenarios. On the way in, a mother has placer her child in her shopping cart, a site I always strikes me as cute and I am tempted to ask in which aisle did she find such a lovely child? This […]

Lake Erie After the Blizzard

Lake Erie shore with snow

The massive Christmas blizzard in the Buffalo area in December melted away almost entirely within a few days when it warmed up and it rained.  But on the shore of Lake Erie the snow had piled deeper than anywhere and three weeks later it has formed a sort of mini glacier on the beach. The […]

Snow Porch

snow porch

It snowed on my porch, except under the railing and near the door where the roof over hangs. Later it rained and this was all washed away.

Precarious Leaves


When I came back they had fallen through or blown away, so I am glad I caught them.

Ice Branches

ice bubbles

Thank you, Mother Nature, for yet another Glimpse of something sweet, ice bubbles blooming from branches on a warm New Years Day.